"Beauty is everywhere. It is not she that is lacking to our eye, but our eyes which fail to perceive her."

—— Auguste Rodin

I have always kept this sentence in my heart. Perhaps the beauty of many things in life seems to be invisible to most people, but landscape architects has the sensitivity to capture these moments and translate them into visible design. With the curiousity towards beauty in my life, I found painting and photography are very good ways to record those moments.

I started to paint from the age of seven. Through the experience, I found my insights become sharp. The flowers in my eyes, except for the thin petals and leaves, I can observe her fluff, her little thorns, and the ants in the stamens and the water droplets at the top of the leaves. It is these rich details that make up a beautiful flower.

After I went to college, I had my first camera and I enjoyed using it to capture every moment of my journey. The rising fog, the ripples caused by the wind and the mottled tree shadows on the walls, these are the imprints of time and they all have breathtaking beauty.

I believe painting and photography will help me to go futher in the daily observation and professional development.